SAYOWE Project

Gene Aitken is co-founder of the Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble (SAYOWE) project. Although Dr. Aitken no longer lives in Thailand, the SAYOWE project is continuing under the guidance of Mahidol University and the Tourist Authority of Thailand. Two SAYOWE CDs have been released under the United Classical Artist’s label produced by Gene Aitken, mastered by Capitol Records, and mixed down and edited by Chief Engineer Jim Linahon, of the Los Angeles-based Linahon Music Productions.

The purpose of the SAYOWE project is to provide an opportunity for young, outstanding music students from the countries of Southeast Asia to study and perform music in Thailand. The project brings students together to form an international wind ensemble, orchestra, and chamber ensemble whose personnel are only from the Southeast Asian nations.

The SAYOWE experience is unique because it demonstrates when people of Southeast Asia unite to work together creatively, they can achieve extraordinary results. Studying and playing music allows students from different cultures to share their common experiences. At the same time, SAYOWE brings together Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths for the universal goal of creating music.

The SAYOWE experience is of enormous value to these talented students encouraging them to grow as musicians, while sharing the richness of their countries’ education, views, and cultures.

The countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are to be congratulated for their continued support of the SAYOWE project.

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