Posters & Programs

YES Academy, 27 July - 7 August 2010, Beirut, Lebabon—1.3MB JPG

YES Academy, 17-24 July 2010, Damascus, Syria—1.7MB JPG

YES Academy, 4 May 2010, Bangkok, Thailand—2.7MB PDF

UNC Greeley Jazz Festival, 22-24 April 2010—4.9MB PDF

Big Band Night, 17 April 2010, Taipei, Taiwan—920KB

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory Concert Series IV Directed by the US Cultural Envoy Dr. Gene Aitken, 22 June 2008—48KB PDF

4th China International Trumpet Week and Conference, 13-17 May 2009. Nangchang University, Nanchang, China. Trumpet Artist.—1.3MB PDF

Jazz Education in Unlikely Places - An Original American Art Form Circles the Globe, November 13, 2009— 908KB PDF
By Dr. Don Bower, Music Department, Univerisity of Alabama, Huntsville

UNC Greeley Jazz Festival All-Star Big Band, 25 April 2009—702KB JPG

APAC Band Festival 2009 Program, 26-28 February 2009. Hong Kong Interntaional School, Hong Kong, China. Conductor.—608KB PDF

APAC Band Festival 2009, February 26-28 2009— 656KB PDF
By the Asia Pacific Activities Conference

2008 China Trumpet Guild Conference, 14-19 May 2008—324KB PDF
by Dai Zhonghui, China Trumpet Guild Conference Program

2003 SAYOWE Concert Program, 27 September - 4 October 2003—20.9MB PDF

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