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The articles below are reviews of Aitken's recordings, articles about Aitken's work in the US and internationally as well as other references about his contributions to jazz and classical education.

Aitken brings a taste of the musical world to Millikin students
28 October 2010. 783KB PDF
by Jim Vorel,

An Ambassador of Jazz
Spring 2010. 18.4MB PDF
by Mary Sasaki, Northern Vision

Gene Aitken: On the Sunny Side of the Street
16 Aug 2009. 254 KB PDF
by Tarek Chemaly, from "Beirut/NTSC (Never Twice Same City)"

Legendary Jazz Educator has a New Challenge: Iraq
21 April, 2009. 1MB PDF
by Dan England, Greeley Tribune

Wanna Learn Jazz
June 10, 2008. 1MB PDF
By Staff Reporter, The Rising Nepal

Jazz Lecturer
June 19, 2008. 1000KB PDF
By Editorial Staff, Fête De La Musique, Alliance Francaise

Gene Aiken, Emeritus Director of UNC Jazz Studies, Headed To Iraq for Historic Performing Arts Academy
September 9, 2008. 964KB PDF
By International Connections, University of Northern Colorado

Grammy Winner Educates Jazz Students
October 29, 2008. 892KB PDF
By Irene P., Blue and Gold, Taipei American School (Taiwan)

American Voices Newsletter
January 2009. 744KB PDF
By Editorial Staff, American Voices Association

A Smooth Melody
Winter 2008. 1.8MB PDF
By Jason Webb, Northern Voices, University of Northern Colorado

UA Huntsville News Center
10 November 2008. 204KB PDF
By Editorial Staff, University of Alabama, Huntsville

American Voices Newsletter
5 October 2008. 600KB PDF
By Editorial Staff, American Voices Association

Jazz educator to preside over competition
22 September 2008. 820KB PDF
by David Chen, Staff Writer, Taiwan Community Compass

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Jazz Competition
3 September 2008. 88KB PDF
by Staff, Taipei Times

Redemption Songs
Summer 2008. 148KB PDF
by Sharleen Nelson, Old Oregon, Univeristy of Oregon

US Cultural Envoy Inaugurates KJC
9 June 2008. 80KB PDF
by Editorial Staff, United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

US Cultural Envoy News
5 June 2008. 32KB PDF
by Editorial Staff, Embassy Highlights, Embassy of the United States, Nepal

Alumni Notes: Gene Aitken '65
June 2008. 128KB PDF
by Whitney Biaggi, Columns Magazine, The University of Washington

2008 China Trumpet Guild Conference
14-19 May 2008. 324KB PDF
by Dai Zhonghui, China Trumpet Guild Conference Program

Still Going Strong In Iraq
May 2008
by John Ferguson, American Voices Newsletter, No. 2

Donated Materials and Expertise Still Flow To Iraq
7 February 2008. 478KB PDF
by Staff, American Voices

New Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Showcases Talent
February 2008. 84K PDF
By Robert Markow, Strings Magazine (USA)

Jazz Unites World, Teacher Revels
14 December 2007. 264KB PDF
by Jodie Minus, Illawarra Mercury (Australia)

Bulli Jazz On Top of the World
13 December 2007. 288KB PDF
by Editorial Staff, Wollongong & Northern Leader (Australia)

Jazz Musos Delighted as Aitken Hits Town
12 December 2007. 304KB PDF
by Agron Latir, The Advertiser (Australia)

Jazz Expert to Speak at Minnesota State University
1 November 2007. 48K PDF
by Derek Wehrwein, Editor, Minnesota State University Reporter (Mankato)

Jazzing Iraq
October 2007. 1.2MB PDF
By David R. Adler, Jazz Times

Jazz Diplomacy
September 2007. 136 KB PDF
by J. B. Spins, Jazz and Improvised Politics

Transforming Iraq Into a Rhythm Nation
September 2007. 1.1MB PDF
By Editorial Staff, American Voices Association

Gene Aitken, 2007 Jazz Educator of the Year
June 1, 2007. 376 KB PDF
by Jason Koransky, Editor, DownBeat Magazine

The Jazz Trumpet Section
May 2007. 628 KB PDF
by Professor Dai Zhonghui, China Trumpet Guild Conference

He's Back!
April 2007. 240K PDF
by Ann Diaz, UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival 2007

The IAJE Jazz Train on Track in Malaysia
January 2007. 824K PDF
by Brian Copping, IAJE Jazz Educator

New World in Education Opens
Nov/Dec 2006. 500K PDF
by Editorial Staff, National University of Singapore News Portal (Singapore)

New Home for Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
7 October 2006. 380K PDF
by Editorial Staff, National University of Singapore News Portal (Singapore)

Dr. Gene Aitken Retires
October 2006.
by Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, Deputy President and Provost
National Univerisity of Singapore

With the Best of the Best Facilities
August 2006. 244K PDF
by Kim Jungeun, Auditorium Magazine (South Korea)

We Must Treasure Those Who Are Truly Talented
August 2006. 32K PDF
by the Editorial Staff, The Strait Times (Singapore)

An Annual Homecoming
April 2006. 44K PDF
by Briana Hovendick, UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival 2006

Focus on Dr. Gene Aitken
October 2005. 228 K PDF
Auditorium Magazine (South Korea)

Jazz in the Crystal Ball—A Look into the Future
April 2005. 156 K PDF
by Elizabeth Bright, The Greeley Tribune

Winning Isn't Everything
November 2004. 834 K PDF
by Paul Haar, Jazz Times

Gene Aitken Retires, Then Resurfaces in Asia!
January 31, 2004. 420K PDF
by Ken Anderson, Colorado Music Educator

2003 Distinguished alumnus Award: Allan Eugene Aitken
June 2003 (web article)
by Editorial Staff, University of Oregon School of Music

18 Vie to Play in Youth Orchestra
February 2003. 44 K PDF
by Myo Theingi Cho, The Myanmar Times, vol. 8, no. 152

Vocal Jazz Singing Using Individual Mikes
July 2002. 404 K PDF
By Mrs. Pat Lacey, ChoralNet Website

Grant Writing For the Arts
April 2002. 760K PDF
by Ed Mason, Illinois State University Research and Sponsored Programs Quarterly

CD Review: Hot XIII: It Ain’t Necessarily So
November 2000
Editorial by

CD Review: Alive XVI: This One's for Buddy
February 1999. 116 K PDF
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz Online

Music Technology for the 21st Century
March 1997. 1 MB PDF
Edited by Linda Enghagen, The National Education Association Professional Library

DownBeat Achievement Awards for Jazz Education
May 1995. 234K PDF

Technology and tools create a spectrum of sophisticated music
September 1993. 160 KB PDF
By Kurt Knaus, Science Writer, The Daily Collegian

Computer Brings the ‘Aural and Visual’ to Jazz History
September 1993. 296 KB PDF
by Peter Monaghan, The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Latest in Technology Brings Fresh Tone to Teaching and Learning in Music
September 1993. 920 KB PDF
by Peter Monaghan, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Jazz Education In America
July 1993. 312 KB PDF
by Graham Collier, The Churchill Report (London)

CD Review: Ashley Alexander, Seems Like Old Times
1 January 1987
(Gene Aitken, Assistant Producer)
By Artist

The Dilemma Of Women's Jazz Festivals
April 1983. 248 KB PDF
by Amy Duncan, Christian Science Monitor

Groundbreaker for Vocal Jazz
August 1982. 416 KB PDF
by Amy Duncan, Christian Science Monitor

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